Love is like a kite, marriage is like a cup of water

A kite is best controlled by one hand. If you have distractions, you may have to take such risks if you want this kite to affect the two hands at the other end: one possibility is that the two hands are uneven in force, and the thread will be broken accidentally; The other possibility is that both hands are released, and the kite will lose direction without the traction of hands, the result is “floating flowers and flowing water”. If the kite of Love wants to fly in balance, it has always been managed by the hands standing at both ends and the kite.

No matter how good others’ kites are, they are also others’ ones. You should concentrate on putting your kites. Looking at the colorful kite in the sky like a mess of flowers and eyes, with the wrong force on your hands, your kite will be like a butterfly with broken wings, or like a broken flower falling to the ground, or entangled with other people’s lines, which can not be torn clearly, it is also difficult to straighten out. The interactivity of love does not allow you to be mentally distracted or slip away.

Kite way of course “relaxation”, catch too tight easy to break, to put too loose easy to fly. Love is not possession, but letting the other party bathe in his own care. Love without space will suffocate. Of course, the dance with hands and feet bound is hard to jump out of the moving dance.

If you don’t belong to your kite, you have to hand this thread to the other hand. Sometimes, giving up doesn’t mean losing. It just gives each other the opportunity to love each other. The kite you don’t have the power to fly is hard to carry, no less than self-abuse, even though it is dragged by a fancy kite, but it is definitely not a good scenery for you who are breathing and sweating. Love is a matter of two people. Only when the piano and the music are harmonious can good news be made. It is better not to tire yourself.

Some people were born to love freedom, so they broke the rope and were carried far away by the wind. However, the kite without the rope would soon fall black and blue. If you want to be a person who cherishes happiness in love, it will not be delicious to turn back to the grass, because most Hills will soon be occupied by others, and it will be useless if you cry so much that the flowers and branches quiver. This kind of free pleasure will not be.

Kites are not ornamental objects at home. Only flying in the air can they be kites. Flying kites is a process to enjoy, but the result is not the most important. The process of flying kites is also a process of communication. Love will not go bad only when there is fresh air constantly. Do you see the roses in the Black House blooming in full swing?

Kites can fly very high, and love can float far away. Are people who fall in love with kites destined to accompany pain? If love is the thread holding the kite, then what is the kite?

Two people from all over the world, in their love Sky, put their kites. He paid for love, and she sacrificed for love. When two people are together, it is like a kite meets the wind and flies so high. Even if it is full of the pain of lovesickness, it is also happy. He missed her, and she also missed him. In this way, distance produced beauty. Let kites soar in the sky of love.

The kite flies higher and higher, the thread is broken, and the kite belonging to them will float in the wind. They began to doubt their love. He paid so much, just like holding the line of the kite, which made the kite fly high and high, but how about being decisive? The kite will no longer belong to me. He is suffering…

Will he wait for me all the time? Just like this thread, hold me firmly, won’t you take the second kite? She hesitated… Therefore, the kites belonging to them began to spin in the air, crumbling…

It took several years to write letters on the phone. During these years, he struggled for his career. She waited for him with great efforts. She had pain, laughter, suspicion and tears in their world, but what is more is mutual tolerance and trust. They believe that as long as they work together, their kites can fly in the sky of love. When they met again, their love must be more mature than now.

If they had allowed kites to fly at that time, the line of holding kites would have been disconnected; If they had been suspicious of each other and had not struggled out of pain, then kites might have fallen to the ground. Love is just like flying a kite, which is sometimes released and sometimes tightened. What is needed is the careful management of two people. They use their persistence in love and trust in each other to put their love kites. Kite love, whether one person is a kite, the other is holding the kite line, or both of them are threads to put their own kites?

I have a mother and daughter friend. My mother is almost fifty and my daughter is Twenty-eight. Although the age is different, the same thing is that both mother and daughter are divorced. Although they had different attitudes towards their husbands and families, the result was the same-both husbands left them.

My father made a lot of money in business, and the business was getting bigger and bigger.

As the saying goes, “men will get worse if they have money.” Mother worried that men couldn’t help being tempted by the colorful world, thinking of what friends once said, “If you want to tie a man’s love, you must control his wallet”, mother began to control her husband to death and stared at him tightly. A what sign of trouble, guard, selectmen. Walking on the street, if you find that the husband occasionally glanced at another woman, you will start to investigate and torture endlessly.

Once in my father’s company, when my mother saw her husband talking and laughing with a female colleague, her face was as rustic as soon as possible, and she began to mess around and make a lot of noise. In this way, my father was tired of dealing with it and was even more upset.

One day, my father was ill, and my mother poured a cup of boiled water. She accidentally poured too much. When walking with full water, she was extremely afraid of spilling it out. Unexpectedly, the more careful she was, the more nervous she was, the water still shook out, not only scalding the feet but also breaking the Cup.

My father’s long-standing grudge finally turned into a rage at that moment, shouting at her angrily. Mother also not to be outdone, countered. As a result, they fought with each other, making a mess. Her husband finally couldn’t bear it and left her.

— Too nervous, too caring and too stubborn, things often go against their wishes. The more you love him, the more you are afraid of losing him, the more space you need to give him. Because in this way, he won’t be suffocated. If you keep an eye on him, he will leave you sooner or later.

Her daughter’s parents divorced when she was ten years old. The failed marriage of her parents did not inspire her, but made her go to another extreme.

My daughter got married when she grew up, and her husband was particularly optimistic and passionate. In order to learn from her mother, she never asked her husband’s communication and work. Even though her husband told her, she never responded. She thought that her mother was too fond of her father, so she forced her father away. After her son was born, she devoted everything to her son. At this time, the husband came home gradually late. She waited for him in the living room without complaint, and turned on the light to heat the good dishes and waited for him…… Her husband started to stay up all night. Although she felt uncomfortable, she still endured not asking her husband…… After a year like this, her husband proposed to divorce her.

“Why?” She was extremely surprised.

“No why. I don’t think we have feelings.” The husband said naturally.

She didn’t understand why she never cared about her husband and he felt bored with herself? She felt extremely disappointed.

One day, I took my son to the suburban park to fly kites, and several children came around. The son kept putting the thread, the kite flew higher and higher in the sky, and the children cheered loudly. The kite flew up hard, swaying while floating, like a beautiful scenery line. She looked up and cheered for her son from time to time: put it higher, then put it higher……

Because he tried his best to make the kite fly higher, his son tried his best to relax the thread…… The higher the kite flies, the stronger the wind will be. Soon the line “stretched —” broke, and the kite finally fell into the lake.

Looking at the falling kite, her son cried “wow —“, and her heart trembled suddenly, suddenly thinking of her marriage. He indulged him too much and gave him too much freedom, so that he could fly higher and higher and farther until he broke the line. Suddenly, she burst into tears.

— Marriage is like a glass of water, which can not be poured too full, and overflows if poured too full; Love is like flying a kite, which can not be put too high, and will break the thread if put too high.

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