Men need a confidante most

In this world, what men need most is not only a wife, but also a confidante.

When you are ill in bed and fight with pain, you hold your hand, panic, tears streaming down your face that person must be your wife, she is afraid of your pain, afraid of your death, crying, obsessed, it makes your heart difficult to settle down. And confidante shan’t cry. She just stood outside the door or outside the window, staring at you quietly and reading your heart. She knows where your pain is, and she understands and is willing to share it for you silently, making your soul no longer lonely.

She cried because she loved you; She didn’t cry because she understood you.

A confidante knows best in her heart: if a woman wants to live forever in a man’s life, she should be either his mother or his confidant.

Give him enough care, but do not threaten his feelings, nor let him have the pressure and pain of loving you.

If you go out for a long journey, there will be no news, and you will be concerned about your confidante. When you have wandered enough and stood in front of her, she just smiled and asked: “Long time no see, have you had fun?” She would never mention her concerns, her anxiety, her anger, and never! She knew it was not her business to mention those things.

Usually, the wife is the listener, while the confidante is the listener. In front of the beauty, men can be tired birds and prodigal sons; They can be tired, lonely, helpless, escaping, and idle. And she is able to accept your night, give you quiet, and make you a space to restore your energy.

Therefore, a confidante is an angel in your life. She can go through layers of masks, as if she is in no human condition, and walk into your heart, use a language that you and she both know to talk and communicate with your soul.

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