Life is their own

Life is their own

生活是自己的A woman took part in the performance. When she was making up in the backstage, a friend came to tell her that her husband had gone with other women. The woman smiled, but did not stop making up. The makeup was very delicate. After more than ten minutes, she stepped onto the stage with a bright smile and a steady voice as always. She interacted with the audience and told many relaxing jokes. Her audience were very happy. Back to the backstage, she took off her makeup, still calm as usual, and her friends felt incredible. Her husband betrayed her and was with other women during her performance. As a wife, could she bear it?

There is also a woman, as a singer, in the middle of the year, this age has reached the age of collecting mountains. At this time, she suffered a marriage change. Her husband had another woman. She broke up with her husband, and she was very sad. She told others that my husband and I were separated because of different personalities. I chose the wrong person from the beginning, and there was infinite sorrow between words. Many fans think that her artistic career may come to an end here. How can a woman without age advantage and a woman without emotional sustenance continue to struggle in the music circle?

In fact, what they chose and told us was totally beyond our expectation. The first woman was Jin Yuxi. Her career was more glorious after the marriage, and her life was more wonderful. Wherever she went, she was full of smiles and confidence. The second woman named Cai Qin didn’t give up singing as she grew older. On the contrary, her career was getting better and better.

How many women are ruined by marriage, but they don’t. The reason is actually simple, Cai Qin said, “life is your own!” Really, life is your own, your every day, your every happiness, God will not give you casually, but need you to use a sudden mentality, the grateful heart tries to capture and comprehend.

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