Reflection on “three sentences” in children’s education

Reflection on “three sentences” in children’s education

A magazine survey shows that the three sentences Chinese parents say most to their children are: obedient, hard study, and unpromising. These three sentences are indeed Chinese-style, and they can completely cover the eagerness of Chinese parents to achieve success. This kind of expectation of parents is certainly understandable, but what kind of educational effect

How much do you understand about daily happy things?

When the flowers bloom, I have the mood to enjoy the flowers. — Leisure and leisure also need to be cultivated! Melons and fruits are in season. People who like melons and fruits have good teeth and appetite. -Can eat is a blessing. Feel the breeze of spring gently fondle the grass and leaves that

My wife likes her husband snoring at night

More than twenty years ago, I read an article in a foreign newspaper, which was very interesting, but the end of the article contained a sentimental philosophy. The general content of the article is as follows: Abigail, a female editor of a newspaper column in America, received a letter signed as “the wife of a

Orientation of the finger

Time has taken away a lot, including familiarity and warmth. I don’t know whether time brings me indifference or change in addition to layers of pain and intermittent cracks? Do people always become smooth after experiencing a lot? After having a lot, I forget my simple dream and persistence? When the spirit is smoothed by

Those flowers need love

When we sit in the spacious and bright classroom.When we listen to the teacher carefully in class.When we study in a quiet classroom. Do we think of those children and their families who are suffering because of the earthquake?Do we think of those children who can’t afford to go to school? When we enjoy luxurious

Knowing tears makes you understand life

Knowing tears makes you understand life

Life always begins in one’s own crying and ends in others’ tears. Medically, tears have the function of cleaning eyeballs, which is a kind of stress reflection to external stimulation. From the time of the fetus, there has been basic tears. Therefore, tears have branded life. Until the end of life, there may be tears