Like “sun wax Monk”

Every time I see my friend Jiang, I always feel that he is different from others. For example, go to his home for dinner. If I say, don’t mention it, just cook a few dishes. I’m losing weight these two days. As expected, there must be four dishes for four people on the table. It’s

Reflection on “three sentences” in children’s education

Reflection on “three sentences” in children’s education

A magazine survey shows that the three sentences Chinese parents say most to their children are: obedient, hard study, and unpromising. These three sentences are indeed Chinese-style, and they can completely cover the eagerness of Chinese parents to achieve success. This kind of expectation of parents is certainly understandable, but what kind of educational effect

Confession of joy

In the hustle and bustle of the world, we often forget our hearts. Maybe there are too many difficulties and temptations in modern society, too many obstacles and too many opportunities, too many losses and too many possibilities. We are congested and have no breath; Those fame and fortune, honor, disgrace, gain and loss, right