Better meet you miss

Better meet you miss

I often hear or see a sentence: I can’t forget her. So sad melancholy. That person once loved you so much and was so suitable for you. If you say a word, she will know the next sentence; If you give a look, she will know what you want. But now, she is far away

To see now that

Until now I understand:Love is not as beautiful as you think, life is life, plain and smooth. Until now I understand:Women should 50% love themselves; 35% love their families; 15% love others! Until now I understand:Under what circumstances can women give up their thoughts, careers and dreams! Until now I understand:Although money is not omnipotent,

There is a kind of single called “better lack than abuse”

Friend, I don’t know if you will feel this way? Want to fall in love, want to stop being lonely, But when love comes, you just want to escape. Sometimes when I calm down, I will feel that my persistence is ridiculous. Why not fall in love? Why do you want to be single? Is