Give yourself a smiling face

When we face confusion and helplessness, should we quietly give ourselves a smiling face? Give yourself a smiling face, let yourself have a calm; Give yourself a smiling face, let yourself face difficulties bravely. What kind of mediation, generosity and encouragement is this! When we live alone, we will encounter various difficulties, even difficulties, even

Raising children is a good deal

Raising children is a good deal

American government recently announced one estimate, American middle-income family with a child, a baby, from birth to eighteen-year-old, requiring a total of 160,140 dollars, conversion, per hour about 1 dollars. This does not count the cost of children going to college. In this way, it is better not to have a baby before you get

Heart depreciation

This is 5 years ago. At that time, my eldest brother was just laid off and rented a tin hut at a crossroad in the county, selling some cigarettes and alcohol. One evening, a middle-aged man walked to the front of his eldest brother’s Iron House. The man put down the heavy woven bag in