Fortunately, I not God

Fortunately, I not God

People should be lucky that I am not God. I am narrow-minded woman in the world, always dispute with others. I have to calculate when I buy things. I have to round my scores to the decimal point and find that my child is not good, so I have to consider it for three times

Plain is the real life

All things can be false, only life is the most real. People who keep talking about love may not understand love. Love is not sweet words or pledges of love. Love is the understanding, tolerance and mutual help and support in real life. Love is a careful care in life and a support and support

There is a virtue-encouragement

A barber brought an apprentice. After the apprentice cut the hair for the first customer, the customer looked in the mirror and said, “the hair is too long.” Apprentice not language. The master smiled aside and explained, “the long hair makes you seem implicit, which is called hidden.” The customer went away happily. After the