Life of lemon tea

Life of lemon tea

There is a story like this: a couple had a quarrel in the cafe and didn’t give in to each other. Then, the boy left angrily, leaving his girlfriend alone with tears. The upset girl stirred the Cup of cool lemon tea in front of her, and pounded the fresh lemon slice which was not

Are you happy?

After living in America for a period of time, influenced by the culture here, many non-Native Americans inevitably change their working styles and ways of dealing with others. In order to survive better in American social culture, I also noticed that I had unconsciously been infected with some social interaction and thinking modes of America,

I have promise, yet to be achieved and a

My friend suddenly asked me this question: “What do you think is the best living condition of a person?” When my friend asked me this question, I was reading the poem of Robert Frost, the American poet laureate, and then I borrowed Robert Frost’s poem to answer my friend: “The forest is beautiful, dark and

Men are like wine, women are like smoke

A woman is like a cigarette. Without burning, she can’t show her fragrance and beauty. Women are like smoke, and every time they burn, they are a sad song of life.Invest once, fragrance once, flame once, just like destruction once.The continuation of life is burning in the Halo again and again, and the ending of