Someone should allow me to be unreasonable

Although his wife’s education level is not high, she is articulate and eloquent. There are contradictions in life. Once she has a quarrel with his wife, I will always be defeated, the wife who was good at sophistry would gain the upper hand even if it was obviously reasonable. A man’s husband couldn’t even quarrel

More horrible than disaster

One early summer evening, a couple locked their two young sons in the house, and then went to the field to harvest the ripe wheat. At about 10 o’clock at night, people reaping in the fields found there was fire in the village, and there were shouts everywhere: “It’s on fire! Go fire!” Except the

Please live more elegantly

Maybe your life is not rich; Maybe you don’t have a decent job; Maybe you are in trouble; Maybe you are abandoned by love; Maybe you are laid off now. No matter what the reason is, when you go out, please be sure to make yourself fresh, beautiful, raise your head, raise your chest, smile,