Elegant unrelated to money

Elegant unrelated to money

A pure white suit with a smile. Every morning, when she passed the gate of the company, people would cast envious eyes. Her elegance and luxury spread from the inside to the outside, and her bright smile was not artificial at all. This is not surprising. With a high salary and no worries about food

Addition and subtraction life

When many people come to the end of their lives, why do they always regret wasting their lives and always assume that if they give him another life, what will he do? I think I shouldn’t lose a lot. I think there is still potential in life, but I just don’t do enough addition. But

Watering can-Liang Xiaosheng

In this northern city, at the foot of an old street, there was a small Russian-style house. He used to be beautiful, but now it is as old as a human. There were several trees at the gate of the small house. The trees had been dead for many years, like a long arm stretching