Mountains juvenile

Every time I travel to some so-called relatively backward countries. When I meet those rural children who have never seen big cities in remote mountainous areas, I always wonder whether I am happy or they are happy? Not long ago, I met a young man who helped tourists carry their luggage to the famous scenic

Youth does not fade away, but migration

At that time, I was young I was 25 years old that year and just entered the doctoral class. I studied my degree while writing. I had published the first novel collection “The sea is blue”, and it attracted people’s attention because of the unpredictable best-selling situation. I am very comfortable in the classical world

The brilliance of life is only because of you

The brilliance of life is only because of you

I just want to meet you,With thousands of years, with thousands of people,Not earlier, not later,We met in this way, and there was nothing else to say when we met,Just a gentle greeting: how are you in this life?Let me know that it is enough to have you together in this life.I would like to