Marriage is a pair of shoes

Marriage is a pair of shoes

The shoes can be made of various raw materials. The simplest one is a fresh banana leaf, and the most expensive one is the pair of crystal shoes that the fairy left to Cinderella. No matter what kind of shoes, the most important thing is fit, no matter what kind of marriage, the most wonderful

In a woman’s life man

Women will meet many men in their life, but few of them care about you or you care about. In a woman’s life, several men she met all love you most. They care for you wholeheartedly, just like your mother. For you, they would rather give their lives. These people, it is your father, grandfather

Wait dream flower open

That night was full of flowers and stars, but I didn’t look closely.Now the flowers are broken and the stars are still the same, I regret it.The wind is singing carefully, the rain is dancing lightly, and the Red fragrance is broken.Lost, sentimental, I am waiting for flowers in my dream. -Notes I suddenly began