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American entrepreneur still has always been enthusiastic about philanthropy. For decades, he has not only been loved and respected by many sponsors, but also been awarded the title of philanthropist by the government. Every Christmas is the busiest time for Still’s mother. Still’s mother is Vita. On Christmas Day, vitiya almost started from getting up

11 years of marriage (II)

Through this run-in period, we have learned to respect each other, care for each other and be modest, and our life is warm and happy. Lovers are very accustomed to their daughters, throwing things casually and running to the bed bare feet from the ground. I think children should develop good living habits since childhood,

Do women make oil bottles or vases?

Do women make oil bottles or vases?

I accidentally read an article about whether women make oil bottles or vases, which made me deeply touched. For Life, oil bottle is important, but Vase is also indispensable. For men, who don’t want his wife to be gentle and considerate, and also beautiful. Facing so many housework every day and oil, salt, rice and