Someone should allow me to be unreasonable

Although his wife’s education level is not high, she is articulate and eloquent. There are contradictions in life. Once she has a quarrel with his wife, I will always be defeated, the wife who was good at sophistry would gain the upper hand even if it was obviously reasonable. A man’s husband couldn’t even quarrel

Make a wise woman

Make a wise woman

Women should believe in the old words of warmth, beauty, trust, dignity and toughness. Don’t be decadent, empty, confused, spoil yourself and hurt others. Don’t agree with those disguised COO and alternative. They are the excuses for people who have nothing to do to let themselves have nothing to do. The real coolness lies in

My wife likes her husband snoring at night

More than twenty years ago, I read an article in a foreign newspaper, which was very interesting, but the end of the article contained a sentimental philosophy. The general content of the article is as follows: Abigail, a female editor of a newspaper column in America, received a letter signed as “the wife of a

The boy who made paper lottery

If one wishes himself, then the blessings he has are only his own; But if everyone wishes all the people in the world, then he also has the blessings of all the people in the world. -Notes At the age of eighteen, when I finished reading English literature with the dream of inheriting Shakespeare’s clothes,