Don’t reason with your woman

It is often heard that men hope to find a knowledgeable woman to be their partner. However, things often go against their wishes. It usually seems that those knowledgeable women are married by others, while their own women are the least reasonable. Please don’t doubt your vision. In fact, other women just seem to be

In a woman’s life man

Women will meet many men in their life, but few of them care about you or you care about. In a woman’s life, several men she met all love you most. They care for you wholeheartedly, just like your mother. For you, they would rather give their lives. These people, it is your father, grandfather

Home and House Independent

When his husband was alive, there were many disagreements between husband and wife because of his dissonance and trivial matters in life. Some unpleasant things are not worth mentioning now when I think of them, but at that time, people felt painful and even gnashed their teeth and made many unbearable vows. I thought it

You should let go when you wake up

If the person you love gives up you, please don’t be sad.Some things will not belong to you no matter how much you like,You are doomed to give up even if you miss something,There are many kinds of love in life, but don’t let love become a kind of hurt. Some fate is doomed to

The road is over, it’s time to turn

The road is over, it’s time to turn

Today, I saw an article written by a girl in the newspaper, which impressed me deeply. Because of the failure of her first love and the pain of losing love, she had the idea of suicide, at the moment when she wanted to commit suicide, she saw a short poem on the bus. The content

Youth does not fade away, but migration

At that time, I was young I was 25 years old that year and just entered the doctoral class. I studied my degree while writing. I had published the first novel collection “The sea is blue”, and it attracted people’s attention because of the unpredictable best-selling situation. I am very comfortable in the classical world