Women sitting beside the court

Women sitting beside the court

I grew up in a factory area. My father died early, and my whole family lived on the meager income of my mother who was born blind. In that situation, my usual entertainment is to play basketball with my friends in a nearby basketball court. There were two stone benches beside the basketball court. In

Ten kinds of women that men can never leave

  The first type: Maintain independence Whether she is the CEO of a company or a waitress in a restaurant, it doesn’t matter. She has the most sincere life. She has her own honor, she does not rely on begging for living   The second type: don’t pester each other The stars, the moon and the sun

Mountains juvenile

Every time I travel to some so-called relatively backward countries. When I meet those rural children who have never seen big cities in remote mountainous areas, I always wonder whether I am happy or they are happy? Not long ago, I met a young man who helped tourists carry their luggage to the famous scenic

Sadness is a kind of beauty

Brilliance is a kind of beauty, solitude is a kind of beauty, bustle is a kind of beauty, and sadness is also a kind of beauty, a kind of inner emotion is the most real expression, A kind of emotion is the most natural and real display of a different kind of beauty. In fact,

To forgive others means to free yourself.

A friend of mine has been living in anger, depression, hatred and pain for so many years. In fact, it is just a small thing. My friend and his classmates graduated from college together and went to a company for trial. They were brothers who talked about everything. Before that, they were as close as