I miss you, but I just miss you without disturbing you!

I like to miss you quietly, put on a piece of elegant music, Brew a cup of light scented tea, hold a thick novel, and look for your shadow between the lines. Your figure is very vague, and your face is very hazy, but this does not affect my feeling of missing you. I don’t

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When his husband was alive, there were many disagreements between husband and wife because of his dissonance and trivial matters in life. Some unpleasant things are not worth mentioning now when I think of them, but at that time, people felt painful and even gnashed their teeth and made many unbearable vows. I thought it

People sheng gui have a normal

People sheng gui have a normal

Common heart is a kind of psychological state which is not controlled by feelings, drawn by fame and wealth, discerning the essence of things and completely seeking truth from facts. It is not looking up, not looking down, but looking down-plain, equal, ordinary and calm. Common heart should be based on knowledge, and ignorance cannot