Don’t reason with your woman

It is often heard that men hope to find a knowledgeable woman to be their partner. However, things often go against their wishes. It usually seems that those knowledgeable women are married by others, while their own women are the least reasonable.

Please don’t doubt your vision. In fact, other women just seem to be educated and reasonable on the surface. Your women may treat outsiders better than them, but you are not an outsider, you are her closest person. In front of you, she doesn’t want to hide or hide the unreasonable nature of women. So you can also comfort yourself like this: she is unreasonable to me because she loves me. In this way, you may feel more comfortable.

The characteristic that women are unreasonable will be fully reflected when you quarrel. Maybe it is because you are uncomfortable about something bigger. At first, you will try to persuade each other. As men, you are used to logical thinking, and you think it is reasonable all over the world, so you start to show facts and reason, and list one or two articles to her, but you will find that she can’t listen at all, besides, she refutes you with a lot of reasons that are not reasons. If you can’t really talk about you, she can even play tricks. If you say she is unreasonable, maybe she will tell you directly: I am unreasonable, what?

You must feel very helpless, right? Why can’t I tell her such a small thing? That’s right, it doesn’t work, and I also advise you not to waste your breath. A woman is originally an irrational animal. You must persuade her with rational thinking and solve problems with rational methods, how could she eat you? That can only make two people quarrel more and more fierce! If you really want to end this war, then don’t reason with her. You should be wronged, lower your profile and don’t argue with her. If you continue to fight like this, she may say that you don’t love her! Don’t you have no reason?

I know your heart will also be unbalanced, but the family is made up of emotion rather than reason. It is not a reasonable place to settle accounts. You are not a lawyer, nor is she a judge.

Therefore, smart men will not reason with their own women. Because, it is unreasonable.

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