Love Story nonsense

That night, I was on the train from Beijing to Shanghai. On the adjacent lower berth, a couple were whispering. The girl said: I am sleepy and want to go up to sleep. The boy answered: sleep if you are sleepy. The girl said again: then should I take off my shoes? The boy answered again: Of course you have to take off your shoes. The girl continued: then you help me watch the shoes, don’t be stolen. The boy continued to answer: OK, you can rest assured to sleep. The girl said: I lay down. Boy: Then close your eyes and sleep.

I can’t help but stunned. After thinking it over carefully, every word of the couple is actually nonsense, which is superfluous and boring. However, they said it was interesting and affectionate. Presumably, the so-called love talk is just nonsense between lovers, right?

Many years ago, when I was as young as them and immersed in love, I also said such nonsense. At that time, I always asked him coquetry: Is the Moon beautiful or me beautiful? He answered seriously and affectionately: Of course you are the most beautiful. Now I think of it, it is so numb that my big teeth are sour. Nowadays, we basically have no nonsense. Every sentence has a clear goal and goes straight to the point. For example, I asked him: Do you want rice or noodles for dinner? He often turned over the newspaper without raising his head and answered: whatever. So, I went to the kitchen to prepare “casually”. When they use up “whatever” together, they will do their own things and never say a word. If 10 years of marriage taught us anything, I think, no more nonsense, should it be one of the important items? However, to be honest, I really miss those days of nonsense, so sweet and so long aftertaste.

The Girl on the upper berth fell asleep quietly. I really hope that she can know how to cherish and enjoy every inch of the good time that she can talk nonsense freely. Presumably, such a day will not last long. There is not so much leisure to nourish nonsense in a rough and realistic life. If, when a woman is white-haired, she can still have someone to accompany her to talk long and short nonsense with a quiet smile, then she is really blessed.

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