Marriage is like water, tolerance is a Cup

Marriage is like water, tolerance is a Cup

婚姻如水,宽容是杯There is an old saying: “Marriage is like drinking water, and you know it.” Everyone will step into the Palace of marriage and start a new life with another person. The lyrics in one song are well written: it is easy to fall in love and difficult to get along with each other.

Every day, oil, salt, sauce, vinegar and tea face less passion; Less romance; Less previous attention and mutual consideration. I think it is my own family, so I don’t have to be so tired, and all the shortcomings are exposed. It seems to be natural and logical to enjoy each other’s contribution and contribution leisurely. Life is plain, and I gradually feel that I have lost a lot and paid a lot, but I often can’t get the understanding and cherish from the other side. After years of accumulation, I began to feel resentful. Facing all kinds of disappointments in life, I felt lost in my heart and accumulated little by little.

Therefore, they began to blame, quarrel and desire for their efforts to be rewarded. Entering a strange circle, the more you want to get rewards for your efforts, the more disappointed you will feel. The more disappointed you will feel, the more complaining you will keep on, the more patience you will lose and the more frustrated you will be. For the sake of children, family and reputation, I spent the rest of my life together.

If there is no husband and wife who do not argue, they will quarrel once. There is no good word and no good punch in anger. Don’t say anything too hurtful. Husband and wife have no overnight hatred. Don’t hate, don’t Cold War, think about whether you have done a bad job?

If you take a step back, think about the good of the other party, less blame and more tolerance. When he (she) pulled his face and felt unhappy, he thought that maybe it was not satisfactory at work; Maybe it was too much pressure in life; Maybe it was a bad mood, silently sent a cup of tea and your warm smile, which made him (her) feel that no matter how big the wind and waves were outside, when he came home, the boat drove into the harbor. Maybe you worked so hard to prepare the meal, but he (she) said it was not easy to eat. Forgive what he (she) said, just because he (she) is the closest person to you, only with less scruples can we be frank.

Love is a kind of dedication, a kind of effort that does not intend to repay, a kind of effort that silently wants to live a good life for those who love. With tolerance and the meaning of not wanting to repay, you will find that, life will be different. Allow the person you love to have his or her own spiritual space, and love him is to tolerate his or her shortcomings together. Without the anger in your heart and the eyes of resentment, you will find that the home is full of warmth and the harmonious atmosphere is so beautiful, and you will find that life has changed a lot.

Because of your tolerance, you can make your loved ones feel your warmth; Because of your tolerance, there is a warm atmosphere at home; Because of your tolerance, you can teach your children the true meaning of love.

Let’s cheer for tolerance! Marriage is like water, tolerance is a cup. Only in this way can we create a good family atmosphere and make life interesting!

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