Elegant unrelated to money

Elegant unrelated to money

优雅无关金钱A pure white suit with a smile. Every morning, when she passed the gate of the company, people would cast envious eyes. Her elegance and luxury spread from the inside to the outside, and her bright smile was not artificial at all. This is not surprising. With a high salary and no worries about food and clothing, maybe he married a rich man. Why is it not elegant?

But people who are familiar with her all know that these are just people’s subjective assumptions.

She was just a handyman in this company, doing trivial things such as getting newspapers, sending documents, opening water and mopping the floor. She only got 1000 yuan a month, and she was often called in and out by everyone. She found this job after being laid off. Divorced two years ago, the husband who was guilty left nothing but his daughter. She lodged in her mother’s home and lived in her father’s study with her daughter.

Father had a great influence on her. When she was young, her family lived a very miserable life. But father often said to his three daughters, “spiritual wealth can be regarded as real wealth. No matter poverty or wealth, we should live gracefully.”

Father not only influences children with an optimistic attitude, but also uses actions to tell them how to live happily every day. My father dressed very carefully. Although he was not a famous suit, he was always spotless and graceful. Even in the most difficult period, father did not forget to take his three daughters for a walk in the park on weekends. Once my father pointed at a pair of father and daughter who were walking in the distance and said, “Have you seen it? That is the boss and children of a company, and we live no worse than them.”

She believed in her father’s words that a good life depended on the creation of her soul. She never pursues a luxurious life, but her life is absolutely of high quality. She likes listening to music and drinking the coffee she grinds; She doesn’t have the perfume of famous brand, but she never goes out in light clothes; She is just a migrant worker, but she never thinks she is inferior than others; she seldom had branded clothes, but she dressed up elegantly and elegantly; She never cared about others’ comments, but whether she was really happy or not; She also often taught her daughter, but never talk about those worldly flashy things. In short, she lived so calmly.

Some people say that there is no money to taste? How can happiness come without material? But in real life, most people live in ordinary life, and some people live in poverty. Learn to relax, face everything optimistically, and live gracefully as well.

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