Looking for happiness, it is better to manage happiness

Looking for happiness, it is better to manage happiness

寻找幸福,不如经营幸福Nowadays, many male and female friends are looking for their so-called happy life, complaining that the people around them cannot give happiness and always thinking of an unrealistic dream, even some people are looking for happiness all their lives. In fact, happiness is around them.

I remember Bernard Shaw, the winner of the Nobel Prize for Literature, said, “at this moment on the Earth, there are about 20,000 people who are suitable to be your life partner, depending on which one you meet first, if before the appearance of your second ideal partner, you have developed a deep relationship with the person in front of you that knows each other, cherishes each other and trusts each other, then the latter will become your good friend, but if you don’t develop a deep relationship with the person in front of you, your relationship will easily shake and change your mind. Until you have a firm Deep feeling with one of these ideal partner candidates, it is the beginning of happiness, the end of wandering.”

Falling in love with a person does not need to rely on hard work, but only on “fortune”, which is the arrangement of God, but “continuous love for a person” depends on “hard work”. In the management of love, the elements of smooth operation are communication, understanding, tolerance and self-control (self-control when facing temptation). There are many people who are always confused and distressed by “encounters”. Their thoughts are constant, their desires are constant, and they are always competing for each other. However, they forget that cultivating the ability of managing emotions is the key to happiness.

So don’t ask who is my mr.right, but to ask to what extent I can work hard and grow up in the present partnership. If I don’t develop the ability of managing happiness, I will be considered as mr.right appears around you, happiness will still be missed, while living in hesitation and regret, isn’t this the experience and mentality of many “nothingness of love?

If you have a partner who has been with you for a long time now, don’t hesitate casually. We are often not easily aware of a trap in our feelings, that is, “being slow to insult near your own life”, that is the iron law “the law of diminishing marginal benefit” in economics. The longer you stay with you, the more likely you will be numb and ignored, while the fresh “fortune” is always so touching and lovely.

In emotional treatment, it is inevitable that there will be friction and unintentional harm, and the people who add up the most times of offending themselves are of course the ones who stay with us for the longest time and are closest to us. However, the new love hasn’t started to have the chance to offend you, plus his deliberate flatter, so how does the new Love look so cute and how does the old love look so annoying.

But don’t forget that there are always uncertain unknowns in the new love, while in the old love there is a rare sense of familiarity, certainty and trust. Don’t lose yourself casually in the accidental “fortune” and misplaced the warm hands of happiness.

Therefore, Bernard Shaw’s words are to remind his lover not to look for the only one, but to apply his spirit to the ability of learning to manage happiness, at the same time, it also reminds us that if we are lucky to meet a rare partner, we should stop thinking twice, because we never know when we will meet some of the 200,000 in our life, we should know our blessings and live in the present.

Fate means-although there are many people in the world, there is actually only one who will accompany you home in the rainy night.

Happy people are good at forgetting what they have given to others, but they always remember what others have given to themselves……

Looking for happiness is better than managing happiness carefully and cherishing everything you have now. If something is lost, you will never find it back. In fact, happiness is around you!

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