There are three things in life that cannot be frugal

There are three things in life that cannot be frugal

人生有三件事不可俭省No matter how luxurious the world becomes, I still like to be frugal. This has become not closely related to money, but just a habit. I say this because the opportunity of frugality is actually very cheap, and picking up is breeding everywhere. For example, no matter how plump the toothpaste tube is, you can only squeeze out 1.5 to 2cm cream strips on the toothbrush hair instead of 1 foot long. Because you can’t use so much, you can’t turn your mouth into a cave for crab parties. For another example, no matter how many cupboard clothes you have, when the heat is steaming, you can only wear a cotton T-shirt. If you put the mink coat over your body, the light one will be covered with red, swollen, hot and painful prickly poison, and if it is heavy, it will die of heatstroke. Frugality is much easier than luxury, and it is a good partner to steal lazy people-to reach the target directly with the most straightforward way and the smallest cost.

However, there are three things you cannot save.

The first thing is learning. Learning is a cost. Even if you are a saint Confucius, you should also receive dried meat as a gift to answer questions. When learning expenses are spent, it is slightly different from buying and selling other goods. You don’t know how much knowledge you can get, which depends not only on the teacher’s level, but also on your own state. In some cases, it smells like buying cattle across the mountain, even more risky than stocks. No one can guarantee that you will be admitted to the university after paying the tuition. You can only invest in advance. The opportunity is the child holding the wedding dress. If you don’t learn, the bride will never appear in the Palace of your life.

The second thing is traveling. Everyone is a tadpole when he is born and becomes a frog in the bottom of a well when he grows up. This is not your fault, but your limitation, but you need to make up for it. To understand the world, you must go far away. Everyone knows that traveling costs money. However, the benefits of tourism can not be seen at a glance. It often needs to accumulate day by day. Some people think that traveling is just taking some photos to buy some small handicrafts, but actually it is not. Traveling makes our bodies feel different wind and water, and our minds become alert and colorful under the nourishment of different customs. The eyesight is so old and the conversation is so modest.

The third thing is to exercise. In ancient times, people didn’t have the habit of exercising specially. They were hungry and full without fat. The need for survival forced them to keep running and hunting. In their spare time, they pretended to play tricks, chiseled paintings on the rock walls and danced beside the bonfire, which were not light physical labor and could not save extra calories. With the progress of society and the abundance of materials, the endless heat has become our lingering burden. So we had to trudge on the machine artificially, float and sink in the pool filled with chlorine, roll on artificial snowflakes and ice, climb on artificial cement cliffs…… This is really stupid luxury, but we have no choice but to invest money continuously and practice barren muscles and bones to maintain the minimum strength and the most basic agility.

Is there any way to save money? Is actually some. Taking life as a class and learning from everyone saves money for school. Walking far away saves money for traveling. Without any fitness equipment, I just kick shuttlecock and lift my legs at home to do broadcast gymnastics…… It saves money for fitness.

However, this is also a waste of money, because we have spent time.
(Text/Bi Shumin)

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