Fortunately, I not God

Fortunately, I not God

幸亏我不是上帝People should be lucky that I am not God.

I am narrow-minded woman in the world, always dispute with others. I have to calculate when I buy things. I have to round my scores to the decimal point and find that my child is not good, so I have to consider it for three times and two times, if the husband forgot the Memorial Day, he would certainly ignore him for a long time to show punishment.

If such a person were given the right to God, the consequences might be very worrying.

In spring, the mountains are full of cherry blossoms, but some people just open a soda can without seeing it. If I were God, I would surely shout loudly:

“Does such a person also have eyes?”

In this way, over 50,000 tourists in 100,000 flower seasons would be blind immediately. The next day, the principal of blind school was so anxious that he didn’t know what to do with the sudden increase of blind students.

So, fortunately, I am not God.

When I was free, I stood on the head of the cloud and looked at it. There were so many colorful factory sewage flowing to the shallow stream one by one. I handed down the decree:

“This will ruin the Earth and make others unable to live. I will also make him unable to live.”

The next day, Angel checked the number of people. Tens of thousands of people related to “sewage crime” died on a small island.

There are some electric fish, some poisonous fish, this kind of person, why do you keep it, kill it together.

Other pine forests don’t hear the sounds of nature. What is the reason for leaving ears? Holding the baby doesn’t smell frankincense, what’s the use of keeping nose? It is not a pity that the hands and feet that have never helped others are wasted. There is never anyone who is grateful for sunshine and air. I will stop their “air rights” for five minutes to let him know that they are powerful.

So, fortunately, I am not God.

There are even more people in the world who don’t cherish themselves, or drink alcohol and tobacco, or take psychedelic drugs, or make mistakes or do nothing in depression. What’s the use of such people to keep wisdom? It is better to restore all of them to idiots, so I don’t know how many people left in the world have brains?

After I took office, within half a year, there were those who stopped the sunshine, those who stopped the water and the air, and some were short of hands, some were broken feet, and the whole world was punished to be incomplete. But human nature is still ugly and foolish.

Let the River flow through the gate of good people and bad people. This is God. Let sunshine caress the shoulders of good and bad people. This is God. No matter good people or bad people, the Earth’s attraction also leaves them mercifully on the earth. This is the style of God, and no matter how dull and ignorant people are, spring flowers, autumn moon and morning glow and evening color will be wasted tirelessly forever. This is God.

It was because of the tolerance and waiting, the omnipresent cover and bearing, and the Mercy to spoil that I had everything I could.

All people should be lucky-fortunately, they are not God.
(Text/Zhang Xiaofeng)

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