How many signs do you have for 15 signs of human maturity?

People will grow up eventually. In other words, I gradually learn to grow up. Step by step on the path of life, recording the depth of the growth of all living beings in depth or shallow. The slower people grow up, the more injuries they will suffer. Facing all kinds of scars, what we need to do is not only to bear, but also to be grateful. Thank you for the things that hurt you and forget those who hurt you. Injury may be unintentional, but growth is necessary.

First, when you find that you no longer blindly like to follow the trend with a group of people, start to respect your own wishes to do what you need to do, and start to arrange your own plans, planning your own direction makes your solitude full of meaning.

Second, when you are faced with many choices, you will not hesitate any more, and more than three necessary reasons for choosing a certain option will flash quickly in your mind. With my own independent thoughts, I began to learn to think calmly and rationally.

Third, when you start to feel that time is obviously not enough, you gradually feel that sleeping in, shopping and so on are quite a waste of time and money, and the concept of time in thought and action has reached an agreement, A reasonable arrangement of time and a full life will bring you into a world you like better.

Fourth, when you surf the Internet or read, you will shift the focus from focusing on entertainment talks to news, state affairs and the territory of economic development trend. Entertainment talks are always used to laugh heartily, while journalism and state affairs are the expression of improving personal cognition, caring for National Development and patriotism, an open mind and an open country, exchanging needs and making common progress, and closing the door to lock the country, the trend of economic development often affects the amount of silver in people’s pocket.

Fifth, when you pay more and more attention to the quality of food in your eating habits, the idea of regimen comes into your mind, learning to insist on eating breakfast and exercising every day. As the saying goes, staying in the Green Mountain is not afraid of burning firewood. No one knows this truth.

Sixth, when you are asked again about the weight of love, friendship and family affection. The first thing that comes to mind should be the mother at home. Blood is thicker than water, which is the eternal truth.

Seventh, when you encounter something unsatisfactory again, you no longer use crying to solve the problem. What tears can wash away is always your face, and only actions can change the status quo.

8. Value your friends and lover. Because these people don’t always exist in your life, and maybe things are different from each other. You don’t need to cheat in front of them. Innocent self is staged for them in this vast world. Don’t forget sincerity.

9. Make yourself happy and the people around you happy. Absolutely more valuable than money.

X. In the face of gains and losses, going and staying, generosity and openness will make complex things simple and simple things meaningful.

11. Don’t dispute with old people and children at any time. The beginning of life is ignorant, and the end of life should be happy.

12. Learn to respect everyone and every creature, just as sunflower likes to face the sun to smile.

Thirteen, mentality, sound and peaceful mentality is the chip that runs through the road of success all the time. Set the goal of moving forward correctly, and let the goal of life not spend in a heavy atmosphere. Remember, don’t make yourself too tired at any time, and the value of life will be completely lost.

14. A confident life, a happy smile, success and happiness go hand in hand. Don’t be happy with things, don’t be sad with yourself.

Fifteen, forget hatred, spring blossoms. The bigger one’s heart, the bigger one’s world.

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