Men’s requirements for women

Men’s requirements for women

男人对女人的要求3 years old: always hug me. Prepare food for me. Feed me. I peed my trousers and didn’t hit me.

9 years old: she didn’t laugh at me if I failed in the exam. She didn’t tell the teacher when I pulled her braid. Lend me rubber instead of other boys. I send her home every Friday afternoon and buy an ice cream on the way to eat together.

18 years old: beautiful as flowers. Walking into the swimming pool with her, the boy next to her would see his eyes red and his nose choked. Silly, cute. Believe Arriva. I don’t think my sneakers stink. If you are hungry, you can make instant noodles. Never feel tired when attending the all-night dance. Summer skirts can cover underwear. I would laugh when I told jokes. Solve most of the pocket money by yourself. It looks very quiet in front of my parents. It is not appropriate for me to finalize the date with other boys. Little jealous. Little cry. When slapping me, be lighter. Remember my birthday. Don’t stay together all the time. Don’t want to marry.

30 years old: Smart. There are no more holes in the jeans. It is still beautiful after removing makeup. Elegant and generous manner, my colleagues and friends all like her. Good at listening. She will laugh when I tell jokes. Remember my mother’s birthday for me. Respect me and give me space to live and think. Don’t be too sensitive to my affair. I bought tie and shirt for me. It has emotional appeal. Cook some good dishes on weekends and open a bottle of red wine. I think understanding is more important than passion for love. Give me good work advice occasionally. Economic independence, but the money earned should not be much more than mine. Some people chase, but it seems that there are not many male friends. I don’t expect to be a hero or a millionaire. Not for total. Wedding also can. Like child.

45 years old: healthy. It looks pretty on cheongsam. Occasionally it makes me excited-such as the wedding anniversary. Occasionally not bumbling. Occasionally let me speak. Allow me to tell jokes. Children on the road call her aunt, not grandma. I won’t buy expensive clothes if I get angry. When the child went to summer camp, she remembered to buy fast food for me. Pretend that I didn’t see my little belly. Buy me underwear and quit smoking candy. I forgot her birthday and she was no longer angry. Don’t drop anything when you are angry. It’s not expensive to pick up things. If someone writes a love letter to her, I will be as happy as her. Care about my physical examination form is better than the payroll. No longer force me to go back to my mother-in-law’s home to celebrate family day with her on weekends. Allow me to go fishing with a group of men.

55 years old: I didn’t kill people, set fire and let me sit on the tiger stool because of menopause. Accompany me when I am in hospital. The daily meals are fresh, and the longest can not exceed 3 days.

65 years old: it is not too small to wear my T-shirt. When I wiped my grandson’s ass, I was kind. The middle school students on the road called her grandma, not grandpa. She can eat the meal I cook. She would laugh when I told a joke several times. Allow me gardening. I don’t need my fish to feed her cat. Don’t snore when watching TV. I can watch football matches when she doesn’t watch TV series. Remind me to take medicine every day. Speaking of my affair 30 years ago, I was no longer furious. Remember our pension and insurance number. Pour me a small glass of wine at dinner. I wet myself without walking stick hit me. Always together.

80 years old: alive. Know who I am. Stay together forever……
(Text/Qian Haiyan)

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