Feelings of happiness

Feelings of happiness

As for happiness, once upon a time there was a legend of green bird. There is a green bird hidden in a forest that can only bring happiness to people, so many people devote all their efforts to find it. Pursue it Undiscouraged in the sunny season or in the miserable days. While in the dense forest, green birds always appear from time to time. Then one day, an exhausted man finally caught it by a stream and fell asleep with satisfaction. He didn’t want the bird to change its color and become an ordinary bird after waking up, the man died of anger.

感受幸福It can be seen that happiness is always beyond reach for people, just like the legendary Blue Bird. But everyone does not give up the pursuit of it. Therefore, I tasted all the joys and sorrows of life in the process of chasing. Modern people pay more and more attention to the pursuit of money and the possession of foreign objects, and the specific bird is more stored in their psychology. Some people always think that the so-called happiness means a successful career, a happy marriage and a well-off life, that is, flowers and wine pave the future, gold and silver treasures accumulate, reputation status shawls add, food and wine display table; others thought it was full of children and grandchildren, embracing and shouting before going out, traveling around the mountains and waters at public expense……

However, there is no pure and pure happiness. If you don’t see me, are some people in life always in a dilemma? Ugliness has ugly sadness, beauty and beautiful worry; When there is no money, there are troubles when there is no money, and when there is money, there are worries when there is money; If you eat too much chicken, duck, fish and meat, you will feel greasy, but I have to taste the vegetable and game, so I have a peaceful appetite; After staying for a long time, I feel bored and bored in high-rise buildings, and I also yearn for the small farmyard to enjoy the pastoral scenery…… Roman. Roland said well, whether a person is happy or not is not based on what he has gained or lost, but only on how he feels. Happiness is the bird with sweat and tears, it doesn’t like the noise and flashy, and often falls in darkness.

A sweet note from a friend, a lovely expression in QQ, a kind touch from parents…… Isn’t this the happiness that is hard to buy? But some people think he is very happy, but he himself feels unhappy. Others think he is far away from happiness, but he encounters happiness himself. It can be seen that happiness falls in love with people who can feel happiness. Happiness is a kind of beautiful and beautiful emotion, a kind of beautiful and beautiful artistic conception. It is everywhere, but it is difficult to grasp in our hands. Happiness is often hazy, spraying rain to us with restraint. As long as you don’t see it too mysterious and great, it will quietly enter your cabin and your mind.

Let’s feel the real happiness in human life in the plain daily life.

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