Owe me a word

Owe me a word

欠我一句话  There was a performing artist who was invited by TV station to do an interview program when he became famous. The guests invited together with the performing artist included his former colleagues, friends, his disciples, many enthusiastic audiences and his wife. Under the vivid narration of the host, we know that he not only has high artistic achievements, but also has won many awards, which can be called highly respected among his peers. In addition, his harmonious family and filial piety of his children are even more enviable.

After the artist’s friends, colleagues, his disciples and the audience who loved him all expressed their opinions, the host suddenly asked his wife, who was almost perfect like him, as his wife, she should feel more deeply than others, and also asked her to talk about her husband. On the day of his success, I hope she can also give him a specific opinion.

To everyone’s surprise, his wife suddenly said loudly to the microphone: I hate him! This sentence not only surprised the audience on the spot, but also shocked the experienced host. At that time, he didn’t even know how to carry on the conversation. Therefore, the compere had to force himself to ask his wife to talk about why she hated him.

Her expression changed slowly, and hatred really surged in her eyes, which seemed to go back to those days that she didn’t want to mention in the past. She said: at that time, the children were still young. He only knew that he went to perform all over the world every day. He could not stay at home for a few days a year. Usually, it was okay. Once the children got sick, they would be in trouble. I had, we have to take care of the elderly, while we have to run to the hospital with the children in our arms. Sometimes, even if it rains heavily in the middle of the night, we have to send the children to see a doctor. Especially when the child was two years old, because it was acute pneumonia, the doctor asked me to call the child’s father back and asked him to sign the operation list, saying that the child might be gone……

The audience on the scene were silent, staring at her quietly with wide eyes open, waiting for her following. She went on to say: I said, the child’s father is still performing in other places, so let me sign it. Fortunately, the child passed the critical period safely. At that time, I am hated him so much. I hated why he was not with me!

There was a disturbance in the auditorium. The host might be afraid that his wife’s words would hurt his reputation, so he tried to interrupt her words. However, she was already out of control: and his old father, my eunuch, was also the word I signed on the Operation list of the hospital when I was critically ill. I hated him and really hated him. I thought for several times that when he came back, I would either scold him angrily or divorce him. However, whenever he came back home and looked at his tired appearance, I couldn’t bear to blame him again, because things had passed. 40 years passed quickly, and I never even talked to him.

At this time, the host finally breathed a sigh of relief and turned to point the microphone at him. Unexpectedly, he was already full of tears. He cried like a wronged child: my wife, why didn’t you tell me these earlier? If you don’t say it today, I thought you had been living a happy life, and you were very satisfied with me. I am really sorry for you. Today, in front of all the audience, I will solemnly say to you: Sorry. His apology made her burst into tears. Facing his tearful eyes, she said: the reason why I want to say it today is that I want to hear you say “sorry, hard work. In the past 40 years, if you don’t owe me anything else, you just owe me this sentence! Now I decide to forgive you. There was a cry in the auditorium, followed by applause.

Yes, we are always indifferent to the care and contribution of our relatives and loved ones around us. We think it should be. Unexpectedly, they also have grievances, and they also need your comfort and care. If possible, please say “sorry, hard work” to her earlier.

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